Makes managing stock easier

Every day, over 5,500 pharmacies connect with major pharmacy suppliers via the PharmX Gateway.

Developed in partnership between Australia's major pharmacy IT vendors, the PharmX Gateway streamlines communication between pharmacy and suppliers, making it easier and faster to manage stock.

It provides suppliers and pharmacies with a common platform for electronic ordering and invoicing - the fastest and most cost-effective way of managing your supply chain transactions.


The PharmX Gateway allows you to handle stock more efficiently so that you can process invoices faster, spend more time with customers and focus on increasing sales; which is increasingly important in the competitive retail pharmacy environment.

All major POS systems are fully integrated with PharmX, making it easy to connect and use the platform. If you are ready to join the PharmX Gateway, contact your POS provider. You can find a list of our POS vendors here.


It's easier and faster to reach and trade with retail customers. The PharmX Gateway reduces your need to develop your own IT infrastructure, and also makes it easier to apply consistent arrangements with your clients and IT vendors.

PharmX was established in 2006 by pharmacy IT vendors (Fred IT Group, Corum Health Services, Simple Retail and Mountain Top Systems) to create a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain for pharmacy.