Join the Gateway and connect with 5,500+ pharmacies

Being part of the PharmX Gateway brings you into direct contact with 5,500 pharmacies already trading with their major suppliers via the PharmX Gateway.

It’s the most efficient way to reach and trade with retail pharmacy customers around Australia.

The PharmX Gateway’s exceptional performance record of 100% uptime means that suppliers and wholesalers have a trusted partner in trading with Australian pharmacy. Rather than developing your own IT infrastructure, the PharmX Gateway provides one consistent, trusted and proven ordering network for Australian pharmacy and suppliers.

Because pharmacies are able to order stock direct from their POS, this reduces data processing at every point of the supply chain.

The benefits

  • Suppliers and pharmacy alike can achieve significant savings in order processing costs and time.
  • Electronic invoices and ordering reduces administration time and costs for your pharmacy customers and creates a more efficient process for getting stock on shelves.
  • Pharmacy staff can focus on sales - helping customers and answering retail enquiries - rather than on paperwork
  • Customers know immediately which stocks are available, building customer satisfaction.
  • Potential errors such as ordering and shipping of the wrong product are reduced.
  • Dealing with one source means that you have consistent standards for dealing with customers and POS vendors. The PharmX Gateway provides guaranteed service and support levels and clear agreements for all participants.
We've been with PharmX from the beginning.
Lisa Norman
Director, Central Healthcare Services
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