Making your retail business more productive

Electronic ordering and invoicing unlocks a more efficient way to manage stock – with significant productivity savings in staff time and administration.

The PharmX Gateway enables electronic ordering and invoicing with all of the major suppliers to Australian pharmacy, direct from your POS.

More than 5,500 pharmacies around Australia are already using the PharmX Gateway to trade more effectively with their suppliers.

It’s the most efficient and cost-effective way of processing orders and invoices and managing your stock.

The benefits

  • You can dramatically reduce the time it takes to process new stock, getting it on to the shelf more quickly without having to enter data into your POS.
  • Pharmacy staff can focus on sales - helping customers and answering retail enquiries - rather than on paperwork.
  • Because ordering takes place directly from your POS, there is a reduced chance of errors in processing orders and invoices.
  • All you need is the internet, which means that you can reduce equipment costs such as faxes and modems or even telephone calls.
  • All major pharmacy suppliers throughout Australia are available on the PharmX Gateway.
  • 99% of POS vendors are already on the PharmX Gateway.

PharmX is an industry partnership designed to streamline the process of ordering and invoicing and create a more efficient supply chain for pharmacy and suppliers.

To find out more or use the PharmX Gateway for other suppliers, contact your POS vendor. You can find a list of all POS vendors and suppliers in our network here.

It doesn’t matter what systems you use, the PharmX Gateway talks to them.
Mark Thornton
UFS Pharmacy Group
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