What is PharmX?

PharmX is an industry wide internet-based ordering gateway to make it more efficient and cost-effective for pharmacy and suppliers to trade.

Who owns PharmX?

PharmX is a joint venture set up between Australia’s leading pharmacy IT vendors: Corum Health Services (LOTS, Pos2000, Amfac, Pharmasol), Fred IT (Fred Office, QuickSell, NUHQ), Simple Retail (PennyLane) and Mountaintop Systems (PosPro).

The collaboration between these traditional competitors was aimed at providing pharmacy and pharmacy suppliers with the most efficient supply chain possible. The collaboration arose out of recognition that an industry-wide approach was needed to ensure a consistent and independent gateway that spoke to pharmacy and suppliers no matter what software they use.

Why was PharmX established?

Worldwide it is recognised that electronic industry gateways using open standards are able to lower supply chain costs and provide customers with choice and convenience, including making the process of managing supply chain transactions more efficient. PharmX was set up to make these worldwide information technology developments in supply chain management available to the Australian pharmacy industry.

Who benefits from PharmX?

The advantages and savings from PharmX are shared across all industry participants:

Pharmacists – no phone call costs, no phone line rental, no modems, more electronic suppliers available, lower administration costs. Even if a supplier on-charges the monthly PharmX fee to pharmacy it is likely that this charge would be less than the direct phone call charges paid by the pharmacist today.

Suppliers – Reduced IT infrastructure, lower telecommunication costs, common approach to all IT vendors, guaranteed service and support levels with POS vendors. Suppliers currently have no service level guarantees or contracts with the ordering transmission component individually developed by each POS vendor. Customers have no clear path to resolve issues related to order transmission with suppliers and POS vendors unsure of responsibilities. PharmX solves this with clear agreements and responsibilities for all participants.

POS Vendors – lowers programming costs, faster updates to ordering and more electronic suppliers possible, lower support costs. POS Vendors receive a portion of the service fee from PharmX to cover the direct support costs of electronic ordering. This is a user pays method which prevents additional support costs being inequitably levied to all customers.

Who pays for the PharmX service?

The PharmX business model is to charge each supplier a fixed monthly account fee for receiving orders and transmitting invoices via a common internet gateway. The PharmX fee to a supplier is less than 50c per day for your account.

After the supplier identifies savings from the common approach the supplier may or may not choose to charge an account fee to the pharmacy for the service. This is a commercial decision for each supplier. PharmX is not involved in this decision of fee recovery as it varies from supplier to supplier and from customer to customer.

How do I join the PharmX Gateway?

If you are a pharmacy, contact your POS vendor.

If you are a supplier, contact PharmX direct.

Which POS systems are connected to the PharmX Gateway?

99% of Australia’s major POS systems already support the PharmX Gateway. Visit our network page to see the full list of POS vendors.

How do I send an order through the PharmX Gateway?

Pharmacies place orders directly through their POS. The process is the same for all pharmacies, no matter which POS system is used.

What if my supplier is not on the PharmX Gateway?

We suggest you contact your supplier directly and let them know that you would like to take advantage of online ordering and receipt of invoices.

Who do I go to if I have any service queries or would like to know more?

If you are a pharmacy, contact your POS vendor with any queries.

If you are a supplier, contact PharmX direct.

Who provides pharmacy with technical support for ordering and invoicing problems?

Your POS vendor helpdesk provides support on all technical issues. Your POS technical staff will contact PharmX directly on your behalf if they believe the matter is a PharmX issue.

Can I pay my POS Vendor directly for the PharmX service?

No - The PharmX model allows for you possibly having different IT suppliers within the one store eg Company A for Dispense Systems Ordering and Company B for POS System Ordering. The PharmX model of charging the supplier supports any number of IT providers providing ordering services to you.

Can I pay PharmX directly for the service?

No – The PharmX model is to charge the supplier for the service directly. As outlined above, the advantages and savings are spread across all participants. To charge you directly does not realise the savings fully.

Does PharmX sell my data?

The PharmX contract with suppliers and POS vendors prevents any sale or distribution of pharmacy data to any 3rd parties. No clinical data is transmitted or stored.